International School of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics

21st School: "Astroparticle Physics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow "

(1-7) August-2018



Gonzalez: Searching For and Finding! Gravitational Waves, lectures 1 and 2

Halzen: Opening a new window on the universe from the south Pole, lectures 1 and 2

Horandel: Radio Detection of Extensive Air Showers. Precision measurements of the properties of cosmic rays

Horandel: Historical Introduction, Basic Properties of Cosmic Rays

Horandel: Cosmic Rays at the Knee, Results and Implications

Marrocchesi: Gamma-Ray Direct Detection 1

Marrocchesi: Gamma-Ray Direct Detection 2

Sarkar: Dark Matter Astrophysical Evidence

Sarkar: Identifying Dark Matter

Sarkar: Cosmic Ray Acceleration in the Laboratory

Schlickeiser: The theory of Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Transport (1)

Schlickeiser: The theory of Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Transport (2)

Schlickeiser: The theory of Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Transport (3)

Smith: 40 years of ISCRA

Stanev: Studies of the Cosmic Ray Composition with Air Shower Data

Stanev: Cosmic Rays Propagation in the Galaxy and Intergalactic Space

Stegmann: Gamma Ray Astronomy 1

Stegmann: Gamma Ray Astronomy 2

Watson: High Energy Cosmic Ray I

Watson: High Energy Cosmic Rays II

Senior Participants

Egberts: The High-Energy End of the Cosmic-Ray e- + e+ Spectrum

Morselli: New Results from the Fermi Large Area Telescope and Future Perspectives in High-Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy

Attendee lectures

Bouchachi: Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays from Nearby Starbust Galaxies

Friedman: Searching for Astrophysical Neutrinos Coincident with Gamma-Ray Bursts with the Ice Cube Detector

Guedus Lang:Lorentz Invariance Violation in Astrophysics

Kazarina: Taiga Experiment: From Cosmic Ray to Gamma-Ray Astronomy in the Tunka valley

Leszczynska: Simulation Study for the Ice Top Enhancement with a Scintillation Array

Merten: The Transition between Galactic and Extra Galactic Cosmic Rays

Surojbali: Gamma-Hadron Separation using Distribution of Light in HAWC Tanks